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"Women in business" - new program for entrepreneur women from Acba-Credit Agricole Bank

Acba-Credit Agricole Bank together with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) held an event on the topic "Women in Business" with the aim of providing financial services to women entrepreneurs as part of cooperation between the two financial organizations.

"The goal is to support and encourage women entrepreneurs, so that they are even more actively represented in business, and start one if they did not do so yet. Women entrepreneurs with interesting ideas for expanding their businesses can receive funding and quality advice from the bank," said Arsen Mekonyan, the head of Marketing and Development Department of the bank.

"One third of the their clients among small and medium businesses are women and the purpose of the bank is to become the main bank for them. until April 30, the bank will be lending to women businessmen at special terms , in particular, loans of up to 4 million drams will be provided without collateral at the rate of 13% per annum , and at 10% per annum in US dollars. In case of larger loans, the annual rate will be 12.5% and 9%, respectively," said Hakob Hakobyan, the head of the SME and Corporate Business Products Management and Sales Division of the bank.

More about Women in business program here.

More than 90 women leaders of SMEs from different sectors of the economy took part in the event.

Watch the video hear.

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