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Campaign till the 31st of December in cooperation with Ria Money Transfer system

From July 1st to December 31st 2016 a campaign is carried out in cooperation with Ria Money Transfer system regarding the fast international money transfers.

In the frameworks of the campaign:

  • Special tariffs will be in force for the money transfers made from France to the Bank branches.
  • The transfers from Armenia to Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova will be made with a 1% commission fee instead of the previous 1.5-2.5%.
  • At the end of each month Ria Money system will randomly chose one customer who will receive a financial reward.

You can find all the necessary information for making transfers via Ria Money Transfer system by visiting the following link - Ria Money Transfer

We would like to mention that currently “ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK” CJSC services Anelik, MoneyGram, Unistream, Converse Transfer, Intelexpress and XpressMoney international fast money transfer systems, which help to make transactions in RUB, USD and EURO to different countries.

To make the process of receiving the money transfer more clear you can use ACBA Transfer service, which gives opportunity to receive the transfer without visiting the bank via all the cards issued by the Bank by calling 010 31 88 88.

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