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Acba Bank will provide construction loans in border zones

Acba Bank has started providing subsidized loans for construction in border settlements within the framework of the "2022-2024 State Support Program for Housing Affordability of Families in the Border Settlements of the RA".

Spouses registered in the RA State Population Register, at least one of whom has RA citizenship, can use the loan.

Other conditions for using loans are:

  • Minimum amount: AMD 1,000,000

  • Maximum amount: AMD 16,000,000

  • Term: 120 months

  • Annual nominal interest rate: (constant number of months: 12 months) 13%

Subsidy conditions are:

  • Principal amount subsidy - no more than AMD 277,000 per month and AMD 16,000,000 for the entire term of the loan,

  • Loan interest subsidy - 13%, no more than AMD 203,000 per month and no more than AMD 12,668,000 for the entire term of the loan.

Get acquainted with the rest of the terms and conditions of the loan at the following link.

Within the framework of the project, only loans granted for the purpose of building a residential house in border rural settlements of the Republic of Armenia are subject to subsidy.

Acba bank is supervised by the CBA.

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Acba bank is supervised by the CBA.
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