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Contactless American Express cards in Armenia

From now on the exclusive partner of American Express in Armenia ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE Bank will issue American Express Gold and American Express Blue chip cards with contactless feature, which will be more comfortable and safe.

The “contactless” payment technology allows making payments by just approaching the card to the terminals servicing contactless cards and making the payment process more comfortable, safe and fast for the customers. And in case of transactions up to 10,000 AMD it is not necessary to pass the card through the terminal, enter the PIN code and sign the payment receipt. At the same time the new cards will keep the magnetic tape, which will allow to make transactions with those terminals that don’t provide contactless or chip transactions.

«We are proud to present the contactless payments technology to our American Express Gold and American Express Blue card holders. The installment of this technology in Armenia is another important step in developing the innovative ways of payments. We are sure that it will have a positive effect on our card holders as well as merchants, as the latter will receive an opportunity to service their customers faster”-mentioned ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK Chief executive officer Hakob Andreasyan.

In order to replace your current American Express Gold and American Express Blue cards with contactless ones it is necessary to apply the same branch of ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE Bank where your card was issued or fill in the Card replacement online application. There is no need to repay the used amount of the credit line to replace the card.

For additional details, as well as for ordering contactless American Express cards please call 010 31 99 99, visit www.americanexpress.am official website or fill in American Express Gold or American Express Blue card online application
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