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010 31 88 88
24/7 card service phone number
010 31 88 99
24/7 service phone number for American Express cards
010 31 99 99
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Special offers
Book, coffee, Amex blue
Special offer for American Express Cardholders
Special offer for Artsakh residents
Healthy payment, healthy gifts
Going to Singapore with AMEX?
Special offer for Visa Cardholders
Get a loan
5G Loans
Consumer loans without collateral
Fast consumer loans up to 10 mln AMD
Student loans
Collateral consumer loans
Consumer Loans, Secured with Deposit
Collateralized consumer loans up to 50,000,000 AMD
Fast Overdraft
Credit lines
Card credit lines
Credit lines with deposit pledge
Credit line with deposit pledge
Non-recoverable Card Credit Line, Secured with Deposit
Non-revolving card credit line
Housing (mortgage) loans
Apartments from constructors
"Armstroy Project" LLC
SunLand Bagrevand
"Idea Group" LLC
"Root Construct" LLC
"Basis Group"
"Amerikana" LLC
"Platina" LLC
"Aranna Shin" LLC
"Park Avenue"
“Lakshri Apartment” LLC
"Royal Residence" LLC
"G T S Building" LLC
Capital Build
Real estate purchase mortgage loans
National Mortgage Company real estate purchase loans
Affordable housing for young families
Construction in the border settlement
Housing (repair) loans
Mortgage Loans for Renovation of Real Estate
Jerm Ojakh
Installment Loan HERE AND NOW
E-signing of Contracts
Save and invest
Deposit classic
Accumulative Time Deposits
Family Time Deposit
Time Deposit For Children
Savings programs
Interest amount accrued on the card positive balance
UEFA reward points
Cashback service
Membership Rewards Program
Safe deposit boxes
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Standard Cards
Arca Classic
MasterCard Standard
Visa Classic
Special Cards
Mastercard Digital First
MasterCard UEFA Champions League
Visa Digital
ArCa Transfer
ArCa Credit
ArCa Pension
Visa Student
Visa Benefactor
American Express® Cashback Card
American Express® Blue Card
Premium cards
American Express® Gold Card
Visa Signature
Visa Gold
MasterCard Gold
Advice for cardholders
Archive of terms of issuing cards
Terms of Transactions with Tokenized Cards
Delivery of Payment Cards
Card Usage Security Rules
Making card transactions
Execution of online operations
Making card-to-card transfers and utility payments
Depositing funds to your card account
Transactions with cards abroad
Obtaining a credit line on your card
Credit card lines
Card loss and theft
Contactless Payments
USSD service
SMS notification service
My salary in my Bank
For public sector employees
For educational sector employees
For healthcare professionals
For justic sector employees
For IT sector employees
For financial sector employees
For international company's sector employees
For employees of large organizations sector
Distance Banking
Google Pay
Apple Pay
Contactless payments
acba digital
Cash-in terminals
Automated Banking Machines
Acba Ticket
Manage accounts
Social security accounts
Current accounts
Escrow accounts
Send and receive money
International Card Transfers via Visa Direct / Mastercard MoneySend Systems
Transfers without opening an account
Sending and receiving money with your bank account
Express transfers
Ria Money Transfer
Receipt of transfers via phone call and Acba digital application
Make payments
Periodic payments
Utility payments
Insurance services
Treatment Abroad (Critical Insurance)
Investment services
Custodial services
Securities trading
ACBA Leasing
ACBA Leasing
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