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The list of main law, other normative legal acts, regulating the services, given by the Bank


  • RA Law “On Banks and Banking”(adopted on 30.06.96)
  • RA Law “On Currency Regulation and Currency Control” (adopted on 24.11.2004)
  • RA Law “On Securities Market” (adopted on 20.10.2007)
  • RA Law “On Transfers of Means by Payment Order”( adopted on 04.12.1996)
  • RA Law “On Guaranteeing the Banking Deposits Reimbursement of Natural Persons” (adopted on 24.11.2004)
  • RA Law “On Payment and Settlement Systems and Payment and Settlement Organizations” (adopted on 24.11.2004)
  • RA Law “On Combating Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism”( adopted on 26.05.2008)
  • “Civil Code of RA” (adopted on 05.05.1998)
  • RA Law “On Public Auctions” (adopted on 04.11.2003)
  • RA Law “On Attraction of Banking Deposits” (adopted on 17.06.2008)
  • RA Law of “On Consumer Loan giving” (adopted on 17.06.2008)
  • RA Law “On Financial System Mediator” (adopted on 17.06.2008)

Other normative legal acts

  • “The explanations and examples of annual actual interest rate” (decision of RA Central Bank of 16.12.2008, number 363-N)
  • Regulation 8/02 of “Calculating of the annual percentage profit of Bank deposits”(decision of RA Board of 02.06.2009, number 165-N)
  • Regulation 9, “The activities by cash money, fulfilled in the Banks, acting on the territory of RA” (decision of Central Bank Board of 04.05.2005, number 199-N, which includes the changes, fulfilled on 24.07.2009)

Internal juridical acts


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