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“Yerevan Wine Days” with Acba Bank

For the third year in a row, with the support of Acba bank, the "YereWine days" festival was organized in Yerevan, where the best winemakers, sommeliers, and just wine lovers of Armenia gathered in one place.

The festival's main purpose is to present the work of Armenian winemakers to the world, as well as promote exports and presentation of local products on international platforms and the development of tourism.

"It is already the 3rd year we have supported the "Yerevan Wine Days" event. This festival has become a unique holiday for our capital city, allowing us to present our partner, Visa international payment system. Such events help small and medium producers to enter the market and present their products," said Arsen Melkonyan, Deputy CEO for Coordination of Business Functions at Acba bank.

"Compared to the last year, the number of participating winemakers has increased by 12, reaching 87. Since 2019, Acba bank has been on the side of "Yerevan Wine Days" and that partnership has turned into a company. We understand the important goal we are working towards. We can say that it is also thanks to this cooperation that the "Yerevan Wine Days" are so large-scale," said Mary Badalyan, co-founder and director of the "EventTura" company.

The development of agriculture, winemaking and tourism in Armenia is of strategic importance for Acba Bank.

In 2023, the festival had 120,000 visitors. Every year the number of participants increases by about 30%. People from the CIS, European countries, the United States, Canada, Australia and many other countries come to participate in the "Yerevan Wine Days" festival.

More details in the video.

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