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Acba bank will sponsor the organization of Yerevan Wine Days festival
The memorandum is signed: Acba bank will sponsor the implementation of Yerevan Wine Days festival; the bank will be the festival’s general sponsor this and the upcoming two years. The development of agriculture, winery and tourism have a strategic importance for the bank.

Wine Days unites the real wine lovers. The festival, which has become an annual event on Saryan Street, features a large display of Armenian wines, winemaking companies, and local dishes. The festival brings thousands of visitors and gastro tourists to Yerevan.
This and the following years the festival will be held on the last days of the first week of June.

“From the day of its founding, Acba bank has positioned itself as an institution supporting agriculture. “Yerevan Wine Days” festival is an interesting program for us, as we deal with the tourists visiting Armenia, who want to be a part of the celebrations and it’s great that we have such an opportunity. We will also participate and give the happiness to our customers and partners. We must show support so that the journeys of people coming to Armenia are interesting and meaningful, so that they tell others and thus support this sphere. This year we are implementing the event in cooperation with out partner- Visa payment system. As the previous time, now we have chosen a partner with international reputation and will maintain this principle in the future, as this way the visibility of the event and the country is significantly higher,” said Arsen Melkonyan, Deputy Chief Executive Officer on Business Operations Coordination.

“Yerevan Wine Days” is the platform that combines a number important branches for the development of the economy. They include winery with viticulture, agriculture and tourism. The first beneficiary of this cooperation is the Republic of Armenia," says Mary Badalyan, Co-founder and Director of "EventTura" company.

The development of event tourism can make Armenia one of the main tourist destinations in the world.

Details in the video.

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