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Yerevan Wine Days: enjoy the Armenian wine with Acba bank and Visa
Slight dizziness, pleasant noise, mood-creating music - it's the wine days in Yerevan: The annual festival brings hundreds of locals and tourists to three central streets; the local winemaking and local endemic varieties impress the guests from different parts of the world.

The central pavilion of Yerevan Wine Days belongs to Acba Bank, which has been the general sponsor of the festival for the second year. The development of viticulture, winemaking and tourism in Armenia is strategic for the bank. This year, the Visa international payment system is also a partner of the festival.

Three times a day during the festival, local and international sommeliers also conduct wine tastings in three languages.

"Our partners, winemakers are gathered here, most of them are our customers, we have been working with many of them from the start. It is an interesting fusion: our partners, winemaking and tourism meet in one place and a great potential emerges, because for winemakers their brand becomes recognizable both in the country and outside the country", said the head of the SME and Agricultural Products Planning and Management Department of Acba Bank Suren Hovhannisyan.

"Armenia has high-quality wines, Armenia deserves to be a tourist route for wine lovers of the world. It is also necessary to attract tens of thousands of tourists by organizing festivals. We are proud of this cooperation. As a small company that organizes festivals of this scale, it was important for us to have a partner like Acba bank and to jointly implement this event. We are glad that Acba also introduced Visa as a partner," said Co-founder, Director of the EventTura company Mary Badalyan.

The purpose of Yerevan Wine Days is to present the work of Armenian winemakers, promote export and show the entire range of local wines on the international stage.

More details in the video.

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