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Spend Yerevan Wine Days with Acba bank and Visa
A a couple of days Yerevan will become a center of wine tasting. Wine lovers, winemakers and tourists visiting Armenia will gather in the city center.

On June 3-5, winemaking and tourism will meet again on one platform on Saryan, Tumanyan and Moskovyan streets; the traditional festival Yerevan Wine Days will be held. It’s the second time Acba bank is the general sponsor of the festival, this year joined by Visa international payment system.

This year the festival is unprecedented in size and educational component. During the festival, there will be classes open to everyone. Famous winemakers and 2 international sommeliers who arrived in Armenia will hold master classes on the history of wine, culture and winemaking.

"Our bank, being a constituent part of society, wants to participate in the life of society not only financially. We value Yerevan Wine Days for tourism, communication, creating a certain festive mood in our city and we are very happy to be the general sponsor. We are proud that this time we will be doing the event with Visa, because in the last few years we have done a lot of work with them - the digitization process, issuing the first digital cards. Now it is logical that we should also sponsor this festive event with Visa," said Arsen Melkonyan, Deputy Chief Executive Officer on Business Operations Coordination of Acba bank.

"By becoming a sponsor of Yerevan Wine Days 2022 together with Acba Bank, we contribute to the cultural heritage of Armenia and the sustainable development of the tourism sector, as well as communicate with our business partners and Visa card holders, speeding up cashless payments within the framework of the event. From the point of view of business, such events promote domestic products, contribute to increasing the brand recognition of various startups and companies, and create a healthy competitive environment. I am sure that the festival will unite people around the rich history of Armenian winemaking and create a mood. I express my gratitude to the organizers of the event and our reliable partner Acba Bank," said the Regional Manager of Visa Diana Kiguradze.

"This cooperation is deep for us, because it shows Armenia in a completely different, positive light. Yerevan Wine Days is an enogastronomic festival, until now there has been no practice in Armenia for companies like Acba to become sponsors and present a payment system such as Visa on this platform," said Mary Badalyan, Co-founder and Director of EventTura company.

Wine, gastro tasting, good music, contests. The festival creates a mood with the aim of promoting tourism in Armenia and ensuring the country's recognition as the ancient cradle of wine.

More details in the video.

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