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The Bank organizes more business trainings for the SMEs

ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK was the first in Armenia to implement business trainings for its customer SME managers aiming at supporting their more effective management in Armenia.

Today the business trainings organized by the Bank are already open for all the SMEs who are interested to participate.

Up to now more than 400 entrepreneurs from 250 companies of various spheres of activity have taken part in 36 trainings organized by the Bank. During the trainings the participants were presented topics related to effective company management, financial management and practical marketing. The spheres of activity of the participating organizations include service, trade, production, agriculture etc.

The materials for the trainings were prepared by the Bank in close cooperation with the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and as a result the customers are being provided with materials of the highest standards and the best teaching methods.

The upcoming business trainings will take place on the 3th and 4th October, 2016. Those who want to participate in the trainings can register by calling ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK 010 31 88 88 (81-85, 81-49) or visiting any of the Bank’s branches in Yerevan.

The business trainings are organized by the Bank and are free of charge
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