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Solar heaters in “Orran” benevolent NGO Vanadzor branch

With the support of ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK solar heaters were installed in “Orran” benevolent non-governmental organization Vanadzor branch. Thanks to these solar heaters hundreds of children and elderly people will have permanent hot water.

This charity step is one of the primary programs of the Bank. The Bank not only installed solar heaters, but also will implement technical support with “Shtigen” company, which installed the heaters.
The solar heaters installment program was not the first for ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK. Last year the Bank started to install solar heaters in child institutions and by now the problem of hot water in kindergartens of 6 border villages and Kosh rehabilitation center is solved.

There are 5 small groups and 101 children 6-16 years old from needy families and 30 elderly people visit the Vanadzor branch of the benevolent non-governmental organization.
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