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Acba Bank will Support the Development of SMEs in European and Asian Markets

Acba bank has joined the Asian Development Bank's "Trade and Supply Chain" financial program.

Through this collaboration, Acba bank will provide SMEs in Armenia with access to the Bank's trade financing solutions for importing goods, helping them expand their businesses in international markets, particularly in Europe and Asia.

"We are delighted that Acba bank is becoming a part of the Asian Development Bank's Trade and Supply Chain Financing Program. This collaboration will open up new avenues for the growth of SMEs in Armenia," stated Hakob Andreasyan, Chief Executive Officer at Acba bank OJSC.

"We are excited about the cooperation with Acba bank. This partnership once again emphasizes our commitment and efforts towards global trade and economic growth. This is extremely important to ensure the economic growth and stability of SMEs in Armenia," said Suzanne Gabouri, Director General of the Private Sector Operations Department of the Asian Development Bank.

"Acba bank is one of the largest banks in Armenia. Being the absolute leader in financing the country's rural sector and emphasizing lending to SMEs, Acba bank has always supported the construction of a stable, innovative and competitive economy," said Steven Beck, Head of the Trade and Supply Chain Financing Program of the Asian Development Bank.

Established in 1966, the Asian Development Bank has been dedicated to promoting the economic growth and sustainability of the Asia-Pacific region. Throughout its history, the bank has worked tirelessly to eliminate poverty and improve the well-being of the region's residents.

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