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You can buy shares of Acba bank from the Armenian Securities Exchange
Now, citizens and the business world can purchase Acba bank’s listed shares: in 2021 the bank had carried out a public placement of 500 000 shares with the total volume of AMD 7.5 billion.

The bank’s shares are included in the most important- “A” platform of the Armenian Securities Exchange.

“We announced the listing of Acba bank shares at the Armenian Securities Exchange. Today is a historical day for the bank, the shareholders, and why not, the business world of Armenia. We ended the first placement stage of the IPO, i.e. – the shares, successfully, and have 5270 shareholders. The last stage was listing in the Securities Exchange, and we announced the process. It would be great if other companies followed our example, as there should be more companies like us in the Securities Exchange, shares of open joint stock companies, so that we are generally interestinng for foreign investors. I think that the best way for us to provide investments in Armenia is the purchase of shares through Securities Exchange,” mentioned the CEO of Acba bank Hakob Andreasyan.

“We can say that Acba bank is the bank tha has attracted the most investments. The bank’s primary placement lasted a couple of weeks and was carried out through special technologies – via the online platform, its banking software, and involved a big number of investors in a short period of time. We can say that this is a success for the capital market of Armenia. This is also the only company that tried not only to finish its job with the primary placement, but is trying to do something as a bank, to be more active in the secondary market as a broker, so that there is offer and demand in the secondary market,” mentioned Hayk Yeganyan, the General Director of Armeinan Securities Exchange.

To buy or sell shares of Acba bank you can approach any of the bank’s branches or other companies offering brokerage services.

To learn more, visit invest.acba.am.

You can follow the trading process of shares here.
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