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Acba bank’s shares will be listed
Acba bank is summing up 2021. Last year the bank publicly placed 500 000 shares in Armenia with the total volume of AMB 7.5 billion. These shares will soon be listed in the Armenian Securities Exchange, giving an opportunity to any individual or company to purchase and sell the bank’s shares.
“The process trading the shares has not finished yet. Of course, we have issued and placed, but the final event still awaits – the listing of shares. The listing process is a new thing, and a new culture in the country. When the process starts in the Armenian Securities Exchange, all the partners who are interested in trading the bank’s securities, will be able to do so. In a short period of time we will give all the shareholders and potential shareholders a chance to implement the deals live, online,” mentioned the CEO of Acba bak Hakob Andreasyan.
In 2021 the bank registered increase in all the main financial indicators:
  • The bank's capital increased by 26.3%, reaching AMD 89 billion.
  • The bank’s assets have comprised AMD 548 billion by increasing by around 10.6%,
  • The bank distributed loans in the amount of AMD 370 billion in the real sector of the economy, increasing by 14.2% compared to the past year,
  • The volume of deposits invested in the bank has increased by 9.0% reaching AMD 300 billion,
  • The rate of return on capital is 13.5%.
  • The book value of one share is AMD 16,189, the profit per share is AMD 1848 drams.
More details in the video.
The bank is supervised by RA CB.
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Acba bank is supervised by the CBA.
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