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“Win the items you have purchased” raffle took place

The raffle “Win the items you have bought” announced by ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE bank took on the 23rd of February, 2017 in the bank’s “Armenia” branch. The campaign was implemented in the frameworks of “Installment loans here-and-now” service and gave opportunity to the customers, who had made purchases from the 5th of December, 2016 to the 31stof January, 2017 via the mentioned service win the item they had purchased using the installment lending of the bank.

A raffle was held among the customers who had made purchases during the campaign. The winners were chosen randomly by the journalists who were covering the event.

In total, 20 prizes were at stake in 6 different categories. The whole process of the raffle was broadcasted online in the bank’s official website and facebook page. The winners were released from the obligations set by the trade lending agreement.

The winners:

  1. Narek Ghambaryan
  2. Siranush Sahakyan
  3. Vahan Solomonyan
  4. Tigran Stepanyan
  5. Grigor Margaryan
  6. Marine Stepanyan
  7. Artak Gevorgyan
  8. Armen Sepkhanyan
  9. Razmik Gabrielyan
  10. Khikar Aghamalyan
  11. Araksya Mkhitaryan
  12. Heghnar Paronikyan
  13. Silva Yerknapeshyan
  14. Gohar Saghatelyan
  15. Gayane Avetisyan
  16. Bela Beglaryan
  17. Andreas Muradyan
  18. Mekhak Khalatyan
  19. Henrieta Hovhannisyan
  20. Israel Poghosyan

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