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Access to the digital world։ PIXEL IT School

Diana Hakobyan is the founder of PIXEL IT school, where students are taught design, marketing, programming, languages and creative thinking.

Diana Hakobyan is also the co-founder of PIXEL IT company. Four years ago, when she founded this company, she also decided to open a school in order to train competent and qualified personnel. This is how the PIXEL IT school started its work, and Diana started teaching. She cares about each student and pays attention to every detail.

Diana Hakobyan emphasizes that women make the technological sector more caring.

Four years ago, when the idea of the school came up, a financial partner was needed who would be with the business and support it. Acba Bank believed in the idea and reached out to the newly created business.

"I grew up in a family of teachers, where I saw how my grandmother and mother taught. I had the culture of teaching inside me and that was probably the first goal to open a school and be able to educate. The first goal of PIXEL IT school is quality education, which we provide. Our students also confirm this. At the initial stage of our activity, when we started work, we needed a partner who would reach out and help us: Acba reached out to us," says Diana Hakobyan, founder and director of PIXEL IT School.

During these years, about 1500 students who work in various IT companies studied at the school. Diana considers hard work to be the key to her success.

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