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The launch of Phone Banking service
On the 16th of September ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK announced the launch of Phone Banking service.

The new service created by the Bank will give the individual customers opportunity to make various transactions in very short terms, taking the best options without visiting the Bank, receive consultation, make requests regarding different accounts.

Phone Banking service
allowsto make transfers to Your and other customer’s current, card, deposit accounts, make utility payments, formulate and suspend permanent payment orders and deposit accounts, refill deposit accounts, open current accounts in foreign currencies, make conversions, change transaction limits, fill in loan, card, embassy reference applications, receive professional consultation regarding all the Bank products.

All the transactions made via Phone Banking service are done only after implementing the customer identification three-dimensional security system. The transactions can be seen in the permanent statements of the accounts, in addition, the customers receive SMS messages with the detailed description of each transaction, which provides maximal security of the made transactions and customers’ data.

To become a Phone Banking service user You can visit any branch of the Bank and sign the service contract.

From September 16- October 30 (included) all the customers who apply for the Phone Banking service usage will receive it FREE OF CHARGE.
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