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Dreams can come true even in a small village https://www.acba.am/hy/news/mosh-studio

A girl who dreams and makes dreams come true. Armine Aghajanyan, a Turkologist by profession, has been creating handicrafts in Yeghegnadzor for 13 years, in the “Mosh” studio she founded.

After studying in Yerevan, Armine Aghajanyan returned to her hometown following her childhood dream, taking small steps, overcoming difficulties and self-educating, she created the "Mosh" studio, where master classes are also held, needlework, doll making, sewing and embroidery skills are taught.

"Mosh" studio creates collections that represent the rich cultural heritage of Armenia to the world. One of the collections is named after the medieval Armenian master Momik.

When Armine Aghajanyan started the business, there was only a half-dilapidated building, which she gradually rebuilt, technically equipped and turned into one of the important cultural centers of Yeghegnadzor.

"If you have a desire and a dream, it doesn't matter whether you are a woman or a man, you must be faithful to your dream and fulfill all your goals. Being a woman and running a business in a small town, I faced difficulties and realized that every dream can come true even in a small village.

One of our business goals was the spread of Armenian culture, based on the ornaments of khachkars. During these years, we have had many examples of successful partnership, one of which is the cooperation with Acba Bank, thanks to which we are trying to develop our business," says Armine Aghajanyan, founder of "Mosh" studio.

Armine’s big dream is to have "Mosh" studios in Europe, and in the near future she wants to open similar centers in Gyumri and in Yerevan as well, giving more women the opportunity to work and present themselves.

Watch the video for more details.

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