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That unbreakable Kamo

This man has not done miracles, hasn’t found treasure in his backyard. No. He has just worked, not despised any job. He has worked in Russia for years naively believing that he can accumulate money abroad.

In 1993 Kamo Khachatryan became convinced that one can only earn little money by working abroad and make the ends meet supporting his family. He came back needing financial support, applied to ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK and obtained a loan.

It is fair to mention that before that he had managed to buy a number of pigs. But as life showed, Kamo wasn’t able to “cooperate” with pigs and refused the idea of providing the people with pork on Christmas and started to work with large stock. He used the funds received from the bank just for that.

Kamo doesn’t even remember the amount of livestock he purchased, he just remembers that they were local breed, and were easier to adjust to the village conditions.

In the future, when Kamo received the reputation of a skilled herdsman, he started to add the number of the livestock. He knew that sheep are also profitable. Today Kamo Khachatryan’s farm is quite a stable one, has 90 large livestock, 45 of which are dairy cows, 18 are bulls, the remaining ones are calves or heifers. He also keeps 30 mother pigs, 50 sheep with their lambs.

Kamo Khachatryan has also created workplaces. Except his wife and two sons, nearly a dozen people-milkmaids and shepherds work in his farm.

Kamo uses only 18 ha of his 50 ha land as tillage, where he grows grain. The remaining parts are meadow lands, from where he collects the winter food for the large stock.

Today Kamo Khachatryan intends to increase the amount of the livestock. That’s the reason he is going to apply to ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE bank, as he is the bank’s long-term customer.

After hearing this story one shouldn’t think there were no difficulties in Kamo Khachatryan’s life. Only two years ago he was forced to eliminate 170 infected pigs. And that, I assure you, would make anyone lose hope. Anyone, but Kamo Khachatryan. He didn’t give up, he just started to work more enthusiastically and soon managed to eliminate the damage. And again, his old long-term partner, his bank supported him.

… There is man in Kamaris village, at the foot of Geghama mountains, Kamo Khachatryan, who knows how to work, create and live a positive life. . .

Levon Azroyan

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