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"There is nothing that a woman is not capable of: all she needs is a desire." Varduhi Tonoyan

Light, elegant and attractive like a leopard. The return of the Caucasian leopard, listed in the Red Book, to Armenia became an inspiration and a symbol for the production of “Hovaz” wines.

Thus, in 2018, Varduhi Tonoyan founded the "Wine Formula" company with her friends and started the production of "Hovaz" wines.

Then the idea arose to create a tasting room where locals and tourists could come, drink wine and get acquainted with the history and traditions of Armenian winemaking. This is how the "Hovaz Wine Rooms" was created in Dilijan, which has already become one of the favorite tourist stops.

Varduhi's formula for success in business is to work non-stop, as well as to have the right people and partners by her side. One of the partners is Acba Bank, which believed in the idea from the beginning and reached out to the newly created business.

"Wine should be drunk in a good mood. If there is a dream, then one should strive, not be disappointed, find strength again and move forward. In order to succeed, it is necessary to try, to work honestly and devotedly. Everything can be achieved through dedicated work. There is nothing that a woman is not capable of, all she needs is a desire. Women are more cautious, but they have one good feature: if they believe in something, they go to the end. After hearing about the opportunity provided by Acba Bank, we decided to apply and at the initial stage of our business, thanks to the bank's support, we were able to implement the main stages of our production," says Varduhi Tonoyan, co-founder and director of "Vine Formula" company.

In the near future, there will also be a production process of sparkling wine in the tasting hall, in which the guests can also participate.

Find more details about the "Inspired Businesswomen" event here.

Watch the video for more details.

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