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From forest violets to greenhouse roses

Still young, brothers-Aram and Armen (15 and 13 years old respectively) were collecting violets in the forest, and then took them to Yerevan during the holidays to sell. That way they somehow eased the family’s difficult situation. The years were tough… The challenges strengthened the young men, and they understood that they should take the responsibility for their future.

The brothers didn’t despise work.

-Life is like this. If there is a food issue, every work is honorable- they say.

The young men became so skilled that they managed to collect 500-600 violet bouquets a day and sell them for 100 AM drams each.

With the money collected through so much hard work they decided to make their business more “serious”. They took someone’s advice to purchase gladiolus seeds. The job was unfamiliar, moreover, it was risky. The seeds were sold successfully. It was in 2009. The first experience brought success and confidence to the beginner businessmen.

One day one of the brothers’ acquaintances applied to them and offered to cooperate. Moreover, he invested 250,000 AMD in the business. Thus, their cooperation began, and, certainly, the volumes of the business increased as well. They had a lot of customers purchasing gladioluses. The flowers were sold also in Vanadzor.

Three years ago the brothers created their first greenhouse with their co-villager. But this cooperation didn’t last long. The brothers sold their share and invested the earned 2.2 MM AMD in a new business project. This time they started growing roses. The greenhouses, their heating and irrigation systems were created with the credit funds provided by ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK with special conditions. The business, naturally, came to a whole new level, the income increased. The young men, who already have families, built houses, of course next to each other.

In the greenhouse the brothers have clearly shared the work. One of them cultivates, trims and injects the flowers. The other is responsible for the remaining job.

I was also happy to see the optimism and generosity of the brothers.

Answering our question about having any problems, Aram and Armen answered:

-We don’t have any. These rose greenhouses give us a chance not to need anything.

The brothers intend to build another greenhouse. That will require nearly 1.8 MM AMD investments.

-Do you have the funds you need?- I asked the brothers.

-Currently we don’t, but we have a partner like “ACBA” bank, - the brothers said without hesitation.

At the end I asked the brothers:

-Guys, during the years of collecting the violets, did you think that someday you would have a greenhouse?

-What can we say? We dreamed about that, even if we didn’t have a rusty piece of iron in our pockets. But… dreaming is a good thing…

Levon Azroyan

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