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Gavar orphanage children reach Armaghan mountain top

On September 11th , 2015 the Gavar orphanage children and teachers, a group of children from vulnerable families of the regional communities along with the employees of ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK and “World Vision Armenia” international charity organization organized a hiking trip to the top of Armaghan mountain in Geghama mountain range.

Overcoming more than 2800 m height the hikers visited the crater lake at the top of the mountain and the chapel built on the place of an old sanctuary. They also took part in the discussion dedicated to the Independence Day of Armenia. The employees of “World Vision” Gavar office organized national games and other entertainments. On the whole, 40 children and 25 adults participated in the event.

Events like this give the orphanage children opportunities to make connections with children of their age out of the orphanage and find new friends, which helps to develop their communication skills and social integration.

The three-side joint project which is being implemented in the Gavar orphanage started in October, 2014. A new educational center was opened in the frameworks of the project, where 80 children of ages from 9-18 years from the orphanage and vulnerable families of the region take part in professional, in depth trainings of Armenian, foreign languages, math, history, etc.

The funding of the project (41 million AMD) is done via Visa Benefactor card released by ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK and “Armenia” All Armenian Fund. The project is implemented by “World Vision Armenia” international organization.

This project is the first joint charity initiative of ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK, “Armenia” All Armenian Fund and “World Vision Armenia”.

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