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The project of Armenian doctors of France in their motherland

The members of Union of French-Armenian doctors visit Armenia twice every year, at first in May, when they exchange their experience with the school and community doctors passing the secrets of children’s eye research to the doctors working in the village schools. The second visit takes place in August, when the Armenian doctors of France bring a number of optical lenses, laboratory and ophthalmic equipment and after examining the children’s visions prepare and give glasses if necessary.

This year the doctors of UMAF implemented their activities in different villages of Syunik region and in Sisian.

In his speech Levon Artinyan, the head of the group visiting Armenia particularly mentioned: “We have been visiting Armenia for already 13 years and have our investment in the process of children’s health preservation. We chose to implement the project in the villages as here there is a greater need of doctors and equipment. Currently the doctors are here with the equipment we brought on the account of our vacations. This year with the support of ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK 8 of us came to Armenia bringing a big number of equipment with us. We thought that there will be people in Armenia who will support us and we applied to our old friend ACBA, with whom we have worked for 20 years, and who supported us without any question in the process of our project implementation”.

In the frameworks of this project the Armenian doctors of France have examined nearly 500 children.
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