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Free Business Courses for Organic Food Producers
Acba Bank together with the Armenian branch of the Ochre Union of the German Government (NABU) conducted three-day business courses for the beneficiaries of the "Development of Organic Agriculture" project.

The business courses were on the topics of "Cost Control", "Cash Flow Management" and "Digital Marketing", as a result of which the participants received theoretical and practical knowledge for optimal business management and skills in using a number of marketing tools.

The courses were conducted by experienced employees of the bank.

Find the upcoming business courses organized by Acba Bank here.

Managers and decision makers of all SMEs registered in Armenia have the opportunity to participate in Acba Bank's business courses.

Business courses are conducted on the following topics:
  1. Financial decision making
  2. Business development in conditions of instability
  3. Practical marketing
  4. Digital marketing
  5. Cash flow management
  6. Cost control
  7. Increase in circulating capital
  8. Business cycles and commodity stock management
  9. Hotel staff motivation and retention
  10. Marketing of hotel services
  11. Sale of hotel services
  12. Caring for guests

Acba Bank has been conducting a series of free business courses for the development of SMEs in Armenia since 2013. To date, the bank has conducted 124 business courses, in which about 1,800 SME managers from more than 1,000 companies participated.

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