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“Stepan Gishyan” foundation is disbursing the first grants

“Stepan Gishyan” charity foundation was founded in 2015 by the initiative of ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE bank, French Credit Agricole, Credit Agricole National Federation and Gishyan family.

On Stepan Gishyan’s birthday the foundation summarized the results of the grant projects announced at the beginning of 2017.

According to the foundation Board decision, this year the following projects will receive support:

  1. «Miasin» foundation
  2. Noyemberyan community sports school, CNCO, Tavush region
  3. “Full Life” Non-Governmental Organization (NGO)
  4. Laboratory of Immunology and Tissue Engineering, L.A. Orbeli Institute of Physiology of National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia

“On behalf of the Board of trustees and me, I would like to express my gratitude to all those organizations and individuals, who sent applications of cooperation to the foundation, and I hope that we will continue our cooperation in the future. The main goal of the foundation is to continue Stepan’s work, to bring to life his ideas, vision through various social projects. We are sure that the best way to achieve the goals is to consolidate the potential of institutions, organizations and individuals who are concerned with the current issues, and we will reach this through the foundation. Supporting these projects will be the first small step of the foundation, so that we can proudly say that we continue the work of Stepan Gishyan with honor,”-mentioned the Executive director of the foundation Anna Gishyan.

“I think about Stepan very frequently, speak with him in my mind…Stepan Gishyan has brought new culture and thinking to the Armenian financial-banking and agricultural spheres, which has allowed thousands of Armenians to stay in their country, live and create here. I am sure that thanks to the activity of “Stepan Gishyan” foundation we will be able to create new opportunities to realize new thoughts and ideas”-noted the Chief Executive Officer of ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE bank Hakob Andreasyan.

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