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ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE bank shares its experience with regional “players”

During Caucasus SME Banking Club Conference 2017 that took place in Tbilisi, Georgia ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE bank presented the non-financial products introduced from 2013 and the business trainings, as well as the best experience accumulated during these years provided to the partners in the frameworks of those products.

“Very often the people starting their own business don’t have relevant education and skills and that’s why, not resisting the competition, they are soon out of market. 21st century is a time of maintaining competitive advantages and knowledge-based business. This circumstance and the vision of being a stable and reliable partner adopted by ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK prompted us to re-evaluate the relationships with our customers. We are sure that the main guarantee of success are stable, long-term, reliable partnering relations. This is only possible in case we have cultured business relations. In order to crate the mentioned factors and eliminate the challenges the bank has chosen the way to provide additional knowledge and share its experience with the partners”-mentioned the Head of the bank’s Development and marketing department Arsen Melkonyan.

The representatives of Armenian, Georgian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Russian and Kazakh financial-banking sectors took part in Caucasus SME Banking Club Conference 2017 in Tbilisi.

The club conference is held annually and regards the main financial banking system issues in the region.

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