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Acba Bank presented unique fintech solutions at “DigiTec”

At the "DigiTec" technology exhibition, Acba Bank provided visitors with a glimpse into the digital world by showcasing the latest innovations from the fintech sector.

At DigiTec, Acba Bank presented the unique Acba MAX multifunctional ATM in Armenia, which is both a payment terminal and a currency exchange point, and even makes it possible to repay loans from other banks.

"Today, all business directions are developing in a technological way in order to increase efficiency even more. Of course, we have a say in business and it's hard to imagine development without technology. At the bank, we widely use robots, which are several times more efficient than humans, never make mistakes and work 24 hours a day. This gives us the opportunity for our employees to engage in creative work," said Arsen Melkonyan, deputy CEO (Business Operations) at Acba Bank OJSC.

“The Acba MAX platform is revolutionary in the market of bank terminals, since we managed to integrate the payment system into an ATM and get a multifunctional system on one device,” says Tigran Simonyan, deputy CEO on Platforms & Technologies Development at Acba bank OJSC, adding that in order to provide innovative and faster digital services, customer questions that cannot be answered by AI robots are routed to the bank's call center staff, who answer all customers' questions.

"With the Acba MAX multifunctional ATM, it is also possible to repay existing loans in other banks, make utility payments, internet payments, state payments, as well as exchange foreign currency," said Artur Karchikyan, head of the Digital Business Department at Acba Bank OJSC.

At the Acba Bank booth, visitors had the opportunity to get acquainted with the new tools of the Acba Digital application. Acba Digital is the first in Armenia, through which it became possible to activate the Visa Digital card.

"A Visa Digital card can be ordered through the Acba Digital application. We are the first in the market to allow the customer to choose their desired card design. We have many other possibilities, thematic designs, which are updated by the bank and the users can decide the card design according to their mood," said Eliza Hayrapetyan, head of Retail Business Products Planning and Management Division at ACBA OSJC.

Acba puts big efforts into understanding customer needs and providing digital solutions in all directions, from lending to customer service in order to make citizens' lives easier.

Watch the video for more details.

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