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"CYBERGEN": A Cyber Security Conference Took Place in Armenia

The Central Bank of Armenia has been hosting the "CYBERGEN" cyber security conference for three years. This event brings together a multitude of information technology and cyber security experts as well as representatives from numerous global companies.

The main objective of the conference is to enhance the sharing of knowledge, skills, and experience among young professionals in the cyber security field.

This year, Acba bank is also one of the sponsors of the "CYBERGEN" conference, which has always emphasized the protection and preservation of customer's personal data.

"Our main objective is to ensure the financial well-being of our clients, and Acba bank dedicates significant resources towards this goal. We are proud to be the only bank in the financial sector that holds the ISO 27701 certification for personal data management. This certification verifies that our customers' data is stored and processed according to the highest international standards," stated Vagharshak Iskandaryan, head of the IT department at Acba bank OJSC.

"Representatives of private and state organizations of Armenia and 15 countries of the world have come together to strengthen our financial and government systems against potential cyber attacks.It is important to note that technologies are not perfect and there may be defects; there cannot be absolutely perfect technologies today and in the future, so such events are of great importance for moving forward and developing," said Komitas Stepanyan, Director of Technology and Cybersecurity at the Central Bank of Armenia.

At the end of the conference, the invited hacker teams participated in the "Bug Bounty" competition, during which they tried to access and find vulnerabilities in various systems.

Watch the video for more details.

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