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The Bug Bounty competition was held in Armenia

The Bug Bounty competition was held in Armenia with the participation of more than fifty cyber security specialists.

The purpose of the competition is to identify the vulnerabilities of the digital system of the public sector andacba digitaland to prevent cyber and financial crimes.

"Our hackers are trying to find flaws in our acba digital application. They should find the vulnerabilities that we have not discovered until now, this will only improve the security of our system," said Vagharshak Iskandaryan, head of the information security department at Acba bank.

"Before starting the competition, we defined "don'ts" that the participants should be guided by. The goal is to find and fix the vulnerabilities that Turkish and Azerbaijani hackers, as well as various mercenaries, are looking for 24/7. For the participants, this is also a way to earn money and improve the experience," said Ruben Muradyan, referee of the cyber security of the Bug Bounty competition.

At the end of the competition, the participants did not find any vulnerabilities in the acba digital system that could endanger customer data.

Participants who find vulnerabilities during the Bug Bounty contest are rewarded according to their severity.

More details in the video.

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