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ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK 56th branch is ready to service you

ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK has launched its 56th “Teryan” branch, which is located at 7 Sayat-Nova avenue.

The launch of “Teryan” branch is the next step of the strategy, initiated and permanently performed by the Bank, to develop and continuously improve the branch network. This branch is the second one, opened by the bank during this year in Yerevan, and the 4th – opened in Armenia. This year the bank anticipates opening two more branches in the regions.

The branch is equipped with large technical capacities to make the use of banking services for customers more pleasant and easy. The cash-in terminal will be operating in the new branch, through which the citizens will be able to make 24/7 transactions, i.e. pay utility bills (for energy, gas and gas service, water, fixed and mobile telephone and the internet – Ucom, Orange, VivaCell, Beeline). They will be also able to repay the loans on the date, specified by the schedule and earlier, make deposits to the current and card accounts, make deposit replenishments.

For transactions, performed via all cash-in terminals, no fee shall be charged by the Bank for the services provided.

From June 1 to July 3 inclusive, in the newly opened “Teryan” branch of Bank, the customers will receive loans and credit lines with an interest rate lower by 1%, and in case of making a deposit the actual annual interest rate will be higher by 1%. The citizens, ordering American Express Blue card, will be exempt from paying the service fee for the first year.

All services of Bank will be offered to the customers in “Teryan” branch in their full scope and the highest quality.
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