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There is no place better than Armenia

All the songs, thoughts, plans for the future in and about the motherland: campers know – there is no better place than Armenia. The formula for life is to learn, become a good specialist and strengthen the country.

Children aged 11-13 years from large families and ones that participated in the defense of themptherland are spending their summer holidays at “Lava Aghbyur” camp in Tsaghkadzor.

For six years now, the office of Financial System Mediator has been cunducting summer educational programs to impart financial knowledge to children.

Game-competitions and discussions are organized for children. Through them children learn what services financial institutions provide, what financial insurance, deposit and, in general, money is.

Acba bank is also participating in the educational program, organizing an interactive program for the campers.

The bank employees convey the ideas of friendship, mutual help, unity and team work to children through games.

Ahead of the educational year, Acba bank has also prepared gifts for the campers – stationery and books. In September, the campers will go to school as good friends, with warm memories and enriched with knowledge.

“The main goal of the day is to make children happy, spend a good day together, and create good memories. The games were based on the idea of mutual help and cooperation. The children were able to play the game by helping each other, uniting around one idea and cooperating”, mentioned Armine Tumanyan, Non-Financial Services Team Lead at Acba Bank.

More details in the video.

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