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ARMBROK became a market maker for Acba Bank shares

From March 1, 2023, the ARMBROK investment company will perform the functions of Acba Bank, the market maker of shares traded on the Armenia Securities Exchange (AMX).

Ordinary registered shares of Acba Bank with a total volume of 55 billion AMD are included in the best "A" list of AMX and are currently one of the most actively traded securities. In the last month alone, the volume of transactions made with shares of Acba Bank amounted to about 42 million AMD.

As a market maker, ARMBROCK will carry out constant quotations for buying and selling shares on the stock exchange, ensuring the absolute liquidity of Acba Bank shares on the secondary market.

According to Hakob Andreasyan, Chief Executive Officer at Acba Bank, the involvement of ARMBROK in the stock exchange as a market maker of Acba Bank shares is another step towards creating favorable conditions for the purchase and sale of securities for existing and future shareholders of the bank. This will further increase the volume of circulation of the bank's shares in the market and strengthen confidence in the bank's securities.

Aram Kaifajian, CEO at ARMBROK, also emphasized the relevance of the presence of a market maker in the stock exchange, from the point of view of the securities circulation indicators and the pricing process. He mentioned that, as a founding member of the stock exchange in Armenia, ARMBROK has wide experience, particularly in the field of organizing market maker functions. According to Kaifajian, ARMBROK is happy to cooperate with Acba Bank, one of the largest banks in Armenia, within the framework of this comprehensive initiative and is ready to provide the highest quality services both to the bank and to its shareholders.

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