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Aregak Bakery: bakery from Gyumri made with love and care
Yerevan Wine Days have become the best place for entertainment with family, friends and colleagues. the festive bustle in the heart of the capital has also united gourmets who cannot imagine wine without delicious dishes. Aregak bakery-cafe is one of the ones that justifies their expectations. They offer everything from focaccia bread to cheese croissants with wine. After learning the history of the creation of Aregak, the visitors taste them with doubled pleasure.

Aregak Bakery was founded in Gyumri 5 years ago. Young people with disabilities and parents of children with disabilities work here. The menu includes European bakery goods, the students of the center are already serving the orders in the cafe. They are taking part in Yerevan Wine Days for the second time. Many people remember them from last time and approach the stall to buy the food prepared with love and care.

"The idea came from the daycare center for children with multiple disabilities - "Emil’s Sun". What would they do after the age of 18? We had a lot of children who liked different kinds of work: cooking, manual work. An idea came up to have a "Bakery" where some children would work for us after turning 18. "Bakery" has been working with Acba Bank since its opening. "Emil’s Sun". center has been working with Acba bank for more than 10 years since its opening, it's a great partnership," says Diana Kocharyan, Business mMnager of Aregak bakery-cafe.

Until June 5, the guests of the festival can enjoy Yerevan Wine Days in the open air. The general sponsor is Acba Bank together with Visa international payment system. The bank has created special conditions for customers. A 20 percent discount is provided to the participants if they purchase tickets and a wine tasting package through the acba digital application. At the festival, all conditions were created for wine drinking to become a real art in Armenia, which is small in area but has great wine traditions.

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