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The new website of American Express has launched in Armenia

Today the new website of American Express www.americanexpress.am has launched. ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK is the exclusive partner of American Express in Armenia and the new website was designed with the mutual efforts of the companies. The website is built on an advanced platform currently used by American Express in a number of European countries and replaces the previous website which was available in the same address.

The new website is more modern thanks to the clear presentation of the information regarding the advantages and features of American Express cards issued in Armenia. The website visitors can find the current American Express cards and compare their various advantages. Moreover, the visitors can apply for obtaining American Express cards without visiting the Bank branches by only filling in the online application form. The current American Express Card holders will find useful information on the new website as it includes detailed information concerning card rewarding programs and insurance services, important financial data concerning the cards, as well as a lot of achievable offers for American Express Card holders.

While designing the new website, the needs of merchants were also taken into consideration. It contains information about the advantages of accepting American Express cards as a means of payment, and those merchants who want to start servicing American Express cards can apply online to activate this service.

“We are glad to launch the new website of American Express in Armenia after finishing the detailed planning and designing process. The new design is clear, comfortable for usage and allows the current and future American Express Card holders as well as merchants to easily find the information they are searching for”- told the Chief Executive Officer of ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK Mr. Hakob Andreasyan.

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