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ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK launched the new ACBA Ticket mobile application

It is now possible to use ACBA Ticket mobile application by pre-registering, as well as without registering. The application is intended for mobile phones working with iOS and Android operational systems.

The usage of ACBA Ticket application is free of charge. The application can be used by everyone including the Bank customers as well as persons who are not the Bank’s customers. The application can be used in the Bank’s branches situated in Yerevan.

The application operates in the following manner:

The customer chooses the desired branch with the help of the app, the service, notes the date and time, comes to the branch and is serviced according to the notes made by the app. The number of the ticket is seen on the screen in the letter M.

For details about the application please visit the following link - ACBA Ticket
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