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Acba bank’s shares were listed

Acba bank’s shares were listed in the Armenian Securities Exchange.

Starting from today, resident an non-resident individuals and legal entities will have the opportunity to purchase Acba bank’s listed shares.
To learn more, visit invest.acba.am.
You can follow the process of share trade here.

“Today is a historical day for the bank and bank’s shareholders. Last year we successfully finished the primary placement of shares and listing in the Securities Exchange was the last stage, and we announced the start today. By giving a chance to purchas shares we create a platform for investments in the Armenian economy. Soon, we will simplify the share purchase process for all the buyers with our digital solutions, and the shareholders, who would like to sell their shares, will be able to do that in the same way,” noted the CEO of Acba bank Hakob Andreasyan.
“I congratulate Acba bank for the courage of carrying out such a historical step. Now Acba bank is a public company and is available to the wide layers of investors. Primary placement of Acba bank’s shares was implemented in ashort period of time, by involving a big number of investors, which is a success for Armenia’s capital market. Acba is the only company in Armenia that not only did a primary placement of shares, but is making steps as a secondary market participant to form activeness there. The bank’s shares were listed in the “A” platform, which is the most important platform in the Armenian Securities Exchange. The number of small and medium investors is big, which makes the shares more attractive for other investors as a result of ensuring high level sales,” menitioned the General Director of the Armenian Securities Exchange Hayk Yeganyan.

In 2021 Acba bank implemented the placement of 500 000 shares in Armenia with the total volume of AMD 7.5 billion.

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