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The Launch of ACBA Mobile application

On the 16th of September ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK announced the launch of ACBA Mobile application.

From now on the Bank is going to offer the customers to manage their accounts via ACBA Mobile application from any place, anytime by just having smartphones or tablets with IOS or Android operational systems and internet connection.

Using ACBA Mobile application the customers are able to make transfers between their accounts and to accounts at any bank in Armenia, refill deposit accounts, make utility payments, foreign currency conversions, send and receive messages to the Bank, get detailed information about Your rights and responsibilities towards the Bank, current credit reminders.

ACBA Mobile application gives opportunity to everyone (regardless of the fact whether the person is a Bank customer or not) to see the nearest ATMs and branches of ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE Bank on the map.

To become a user of ACBA Mobile application, it is necessary to download the app from the App Store or Google play and make the activation steps by applying to the Bank branch servicing You.

Starting from September 16th to October 30th (including) all the individual customers applying for ACBA Mobile application usage will receive it FREE OF CHARGE.

For more details visit our official website www.acba.am/ACBAMobile or call 010 31 88 88.

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