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The highest mountain organic vineyard in the world has been founded in Armenia (Video)

Winemaking advances to the mountains: at an altitude of 2080 meters above the sea level, next to Smbataberd and Tsaghats Kar, is the organic vineyard of Maran company. The Company has founded the highest vineyard in the organic world with the philosophy of preserving and balancing biodiversity.

is the first private wine producer in independent Armenia and now it is one of the pioneers in organic winemaking.

When Founder of Maran company, Avag Harutyunyan, was founding the organic vineyard with his sons, he knew that there were going to be bigger expenses and more difficulties. They needed reliable partners who would go down that road together with them.

took part in the Organic Agriculture Development program, implemented jointly by ACBA Bank and German Nature Protection Union (NABU) and received a certificate of an organic wine maker.

“When we were planting this vineyard, from the beginning we had the understanding that we were taking a great weight on our shoulders. You have to grow it for a long time, to have crops later. If not for the support from ACBA Bank and NABU, we wouldn’t have managed to overcome this situation. We have planted the vineyard not touching any bushes or stones. We have tried not to touch the landscape. We have used only organic materials to grow healthy,

Maran is now exported to more than ten countries – Australia, Thaiwan, China, Czech Republic, Poland, the Netherlands, France, U.S. etc.

Details - in the video:

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