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New Educational Center Opens in Gavar Orphanage

ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK, “Hayastan” All Armenian Fund and World Vision Armenia announced the opening of the educational center in Gavar orphanage. The center will make it possible for more than 60 children of Gavar orphanage aged 9-18 to receive professional orientation, and with the help of professional specialists to prepare for the entrance examinations to high schools. Also professional study groups have been created, including hairdressing, woodworking, shoe stitching, fashion design and tailoring, which have the required equipment and will make it possible for the kids to develop professional skills. For the implementation of this 3-years project, 41 mln Armenian drams have been allocated.

The center has been created by World Vision Armenia due to VISA BARERAR charity card, issued within the framework of the joint project of ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK and “Hayastan” All Armenian Fund.

“In the summer of this year by the cooperation agreement signed between ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK, “Hayastan” All Armenian Fund and the Armenian office of World Vision international charity organization, we launched a wonderful initiative, which became a great success after months. Under the charity fund of the VISA BARERAR card of the Bank, today this educational center has opened in Gavar orphanage, which will make it possible for the children to receive quality professional education and prepare for the entrance examinations to high schools. Also children from low-income families will be able to study at the center. In the future the Bank will make consistent efforts to provide scholarships for the orphanage children and if possible, will try to ensure employment. We are thankful to World Vision Armenia and “Hayastan” All Armenian Fund for joining our initiative and making it happen, and of course we are thankful to all our cardholders of VISA BARERAR card, as each of them has their own contribution in this project”, mentioned Hakob Andreasyan the Chief Executive Officer of ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK.

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