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Wine is a “leaving creature”: “Matevosyan Wine”
A glass of wine, good mood for one purpose – development of Armenian winery. The year’s biggest wine festival opened its doors for winemakers, wine lovers and thousands of tourists, who had a special day in their schedules to taste the Armenian wines.

Yerevan Wine Days is held on Moskovyan, Saryan and Tumanyan streets with the support of Acba Bank and Visa international payment system. A number of participating manufacturers meet the consumers face-to-face, treating them and introducing new products. Matevosyan Wine also displayed their "Rose՛" wine made of black grapes, which will be introduced in the market in a month.

The Company’s Director Vazgen Matevosyan tells: Matevosyan Wine is a family business; the father is the wine quality responsible, and the son is receiving his degree in winery. They cannot do it other way: wine is their family member.”

Matevosyan Wine company was founded in 2001 and created its unique place and signature within 21 years in the market. Looking back, they cannot forget the help of Acba bank from the first day of founding.

“Wine is a living creature, you communicate with wine constantly; this is a totally different class in production. We control the quality, we know all the details from the production process to bottling. By knowing, recognizing, seeing, the people know they should choose this wine. Acba bank has always tried to help us during the most difficult moments, we have never remained alone. They don’t leave us both in procurement and equipment acquisition. The Bank does the impossible for us,” notes the Director of Matevosyan Wine cmpany Vazgen Matevosyan.

90% of the products are being exported; Matevosyan Wine is popular from the Unites States to Russia.

More details in the video.

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