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One Year With and Without Stepan Gishyan

An evening consecrated to the memory of ACBA-Credit Agricole Bank's former CEO Stepan Gishyan took place on May 15 in G. Sundukyan National Academic Theater. Stepan Gishyan's mother, his relatives, friends and colleagues attended the event.

"A year with and without Stepan Gishyan", the Chief Executive Officer of ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK Hakob Andreasyan described the period, speaking of his university friend.

"It has been a year since Stepan is not with us, but we have often remembered him, talked about him, asked for an advice and laughed, for he had a good sense of humour. We have often discussed his points of view, as what he has managed to do is a great reservoir for all of us, to which we will also refer and discuss in the future. Stepan has introduced new standards, approaches and a new culture to the banking system. This may be the reason why ACBA Bank holds a special place in the banking system and differs from other banks in many issues. First of all, this is the result of Stepan's new approaches", said the present CEO of the Bank Hakob Andreasyan.

At the commemoration evening Hakob Andreasyan announced the launch of "Stepan Gishyan" benevolent fund, established upon the initiative of the Bank.

"The Fund will direct its activities towards the strengthening of the Armenian-French relations and the enhancement of this friendship.

The socially active young people, who will create the new future of the Armenian-French friendship, building new values, will be the beneficiaries of the Fund. Every year the Board of Trustees will discuss the submitted projects and select those which will meet the Fund’s objectives. I would like to express my gratitude to "Credit Agricole" French Bank, which has been supporting us since the moment we have had the idea of establishing the Fund until its implementation", said Hakob Andreasyan.
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