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Noyemberyan community sports school was reopened with the aid of "Stepan Gishyan" Charity Foundatiom

After reconstruction, Noyemberyan community sports school again opened its doors to approximately 150 pupils in nine border communities. There is nothing left from the former unpleasant condition. By the joint efforts of the Stepan Gishyan Charity Foundation and Noyemberyan Community Municipality, the roof of the sports school was renovated, the windows were changed, interior redesign was done.

"I see excitement both in residents, community leaders and pupils. They are excited because the classes will be organized at the new sports school. About 130 projects were presented to the Foundation this year. The selection was extremely difficult, as there were many programs presented and all of them were too interesting. One of the four selected projects is already implemented. During the selection of the program, it was very important for us that the complete renovation of the sports school would be carried out jointly by the Community Municipality and the Foundation. The commitment and willingness of the community to participate in the program was an extra advantage. I am convinced that the community will benefit from the renovated sports school both from the point of view of healthy lifestyle and managing the spare time of community youth and not only," mentioned Anna Gishyan.

In the renovated sports school, pupils will play basketball, volleyball and badminton, and for children with disabilities there will be held chess and checkers classes.

By the end of the year the charitable fund established by ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK, French Credit Agricole, ACBA Federation and Stepan Gishyan family will summarize another three grant programs.

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