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ACBA Bank has opened a branch in Chambarak border

ACBA Bank has launched “Chambarak” branch in the bordering community of Chambarak. Before, the residents of the community were served in the branches of Sevan and Ijevan. They had to go a long distance to reach the bank. From now on, the complete package of ACBA Bank services will be provided by the 60th "Chambarak" branch.

"We will have the opportunity to meet the needs of the population and business entities of this region. We understand the needs of customers very well. They trust us, we trust them, there is an established relationship. I am confident that we will successfully develop both agricultural and small and medium-sized businesses here.”, said ACBA Bank Chief Executive Officer Hakob Andreasyan.

The newly opened branch will have a 24/7 Express Banking hall, where citizens can make round-the-clock transactions: pay utilities, repay loans, replenish deposits, make deposits to current and card accounts, use various other services of the bank. On the occasion of the opening on November 30, ArCa Business and Visa Business cards will be provided to the customers of the newly opened branch without a card account service fee for the entire validity of the card. In addition, until November 30, when customers receive transfers through express money transfer systems, 5 customers by random choice may win a gift card from "VEGA" store.

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