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American Express CASHBACK QUEST – the unprecedented contest is launched

All 18 years old citizens or residents of the Republic of Armenia have the opportunity to contest for 10 prizes of 150 000 AMD each, and for the main prize – 1 500 000 AMD.

To participate in the contest, it is necessary to register at www.cashbackcard.am by September 22 and apply to any branch of ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK most convenient for you to receive an American Express Cashback Card. The American Express Cashback Card will have no annual service fee for all participants of the contest.

The CASHBACK QUEST will launch on September 27, 2014. From the launch till October 17 the participants will be given a number of interesting tasks and intellectual questions from various sectors, which will be posted on the website www.cashbackcard.am and they will be available only to those registered in advance.

For the performance of each task the participants will receive relevant units. The participant with the maximum units will be the winner of the contest and will receive the main prize of the contest – 1 500 000 AMD. Each of the next 10 participants will receive per 150 000 AMD.

The more tasks you perform, the better chance you will have to win the contest.

For more information, please visit www.cashbackcard.am.

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