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From a small cellar to a big factory: inspired by the spread of Armenian wine
Chinese Zen Tien Xi promises to take the Armenian wine with him to China, but not only to treat his relatives, but for a business purpose. He wants to cooperate with a number of winemakers. On Yerevan Wine Days he first sopped at the Areni Wine Factory pavilion; the Chinese businessman is familiar with Areni wine.

“It’s the first time I have participated in Yerevan Wine Days event. I like the idea. Moreover, the Armenian wine is really popular in different countries. This wine is good, and I hope everyone will appreciate the Armenian wine by merit,” says the Chinese businessman.

Director of Areni Wine Factory Tigran Simonyan tells, that three years after the independence they started professionally doing winery. Currently, they produce 200,000 bottles of wine, and 7-% is made of “Areni” grape type. The pomegranate wine is made of the harvest brought from Artsakh, which enhances the taste. Tigran remembers – he was 5 years old, when his parents started producing wine; from that day he got infected with winery and now he is the head of the Factory.

“From founding, I remember the small cellar, how we closed bottles with hands. There was no equipment by then. Now we are trying to develop the business. We also have fruit wines, pomegranate wine, we make wine from cherries, they are mainly semi-sweet, they are sold here and exported to the Russian Federation”, notes the Director of Areni Wine Factory Tigran Simonyan.

Tigran is sure, Yerevan Wine Days event also fosters the development of the business, as the already popular wine gets more acknowledgement here within just days especially among foreigners. To enter big markets, he also stresses the importance of the cooperation with financial institutions. Here, he trusts Acba Bank, that for the second time is the general sponsor of Yerevan Wine Days. This year, Visa international payment system was also a partner of the event along with Acba bank.”

“We have been working with Acba Bank for years, from the times when the bank was called Armenian Agricultural Cooperative Bank. We have been working since then, and our cooperation is very effective. Recently, we have made a leasig investment in the factory, with the help of Acba,” mentions the Director of Areni Wine Factory Tigran Simonyan.

Tigran isn’t encouraging to buy only their products; he says that the primary issue is spreading the Armenian wine all over the world, especially when regardless of the color, the limited usage of wine is beneficial and dictates a lifestyle.

More details in the video.

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