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New ArCa Credit Card with Reducible Limit Issued

ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK has issued a new ArCa Credit card with reducible limit.

Becoming the holder of ArCa Credit card, the customers will receive an ArCa card with a credit line with reducible limit valid for 5 years, with which they will be able to make encashment, as well as payment transactions on the whole territory of Armenia.

In contrast to the standard credit lines, the limit of the credit line will be reduced each month in the size of equal amount, specified by the Bank in advance, making it possible for the customers to regularly repay and zero the active credit liabilities.

As a result of the examination of the customer’s application, it may be possible to receive a credit line with reducible limit of up to 500,000 AMD or an equal amount in foreign currency without the documents, supporting the income, and in case of availability of such document and a collateral, the maximum limit of the credit line may be up to 10,000,000 AMD (inclusive) and an equal amount in foreign currency.

At the same time, the international Visa Electron, Maestro or MasterCard UEFA Champions League cards, issued by ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK, may be attached to the card account of ArCa Credit card, with which the customers will be able to use the provided loans also out of Armenia.
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