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ACBA CREDIT AGRICOL BANK was the first in launching «ArCa SecurePay» online payment security system

ACBA Credit Agricol Bank introduced the new security providing «ArCa SecurePay» system of online payments.

Hereafter, in «ArCa SecurePay» active web-sites, Internet-based transactions with ArCa cards will be implemented through the additional security confirmation. Moreover, the service is currently accessible for all types of ArCa cards, produced by ACBA Credit Agricol Bank, except for ArCa Sir Cards, for which the service will be activated within a month.

When making online payments, confirmation of transactions will be done by entering one-time passwords, which will be generated during the transactions and will be sent via the message to the cardholder's registered phone number.

The works required for ArCa card services with «ArCa SecurePay» system have also been completed at partner Internet trade points.

For further information and questions about «ArCa SecurePay» service, please call ACBA Credit Agricol Bank’s 24-hour card service centre, with the following phone number: 010 318899.

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