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ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK expands the spheres of trainings

Directors of more than 30 SMEs took part in the training on “Adaptive leadership” initiated by ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE bank.

“The aim of this event is to offer the participants a leading approach, which is based on “observe, interpret and act” system”,- mentioned the speaker of the training, graduate of Kennedy School of Governance at Harvard University, Head of CB Dilijan Training and Research Center, lecturer at the American University of Armenia Martin Galstyan and added that the main goal is not the provision of information but the changes in the participants’ thinking.

During the training different approaches of various leadership schools, as well as the latest developments were discussed. The training ended with discussions and an activity.

You can register to participate in the free trainings provided in the frameworks of non-financial products provided by ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE bank by visiting sme.acba.am website.

ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE bank was the first in Armenia to implement business trainings for small and medium entrepreneurs aiming at supporting the development of entrepreneurship in Armenia.

The format of trainings allows not only to gain theoretical and practical knowledge, but is also a platform for exchanging experience and creating new partnering relations.

The trainings are free of charge for the Bank’s customers, as well as other participants. Owners of companies, managers, directors, and other decision-making persons.

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