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Risks of natural disasters will be restrained via newest systems

In the frameworks of the memorandum the parties approve their intention to alleviate the consequences of hail in the agricultural sector of Armenia.

In the frameworks of the implemented project, the farmers will be provided with loans in AMD for up to 7 years in order to purchase hail-protecting networks starting from 12.5% annual interest rate. In addition, 20% of the necessary hail-protecting networks will be provided to the farmers by UNDP as a grant investment.

During the project ARNAP foundation will provide the farmers with consultation regarding preservation, usage and care of the hail-protecting networks, and the process of making measurements, providing constructions for network reinforcement and installing the networks will be carried out.

“One of the most important goals of the project is to create and develop the farms in Armenia, protect the culture of modern systems from natural disasters. The bank has been by the farmers’ side from the very beginning, and is one of their main supporters. In spite of the fact that the bank is a profit organization, we have provided our customers with not only financial funds. Passing our accumulated knowledge and skills to our partners for 20 years, we have always initiated the usage of innovations and international experience”- mentioned the CEO of ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE Bank Hakob Andreasyan.

“UNDP highlights the importance of cooperation with the private sector which will boost the outspread of alternative methods of climate risk decrease. In the frameworks of this cooperation, UNDP has already imported Italian networks, which have at least 12 years guarantee and high effectiveness”-said UNDP Deputy Resident Representative Dmitri Mariasin. He also added that the signed memorandum is aimed at collecting and documenting the data regarding the effectiveness of hail-protecting networks, which will be presented to RA Government.

“Created by RA Government as an institution supporting the establishment of multi-sectored mechanisms of disaster risk reducing, we highlight the importance of this cooperation, as besides providing direct support to the Armenian farmers and fostering the outspread of alternative methods of risk reduction, it also shows the effectiveness and necessity of the cooperation among different institutions during the procedure of disasters risk reduction by mentioning that risk reduction cannot be a problem or monopoly of one institution”-mentioned the Acting director of ARNAP foundation Ara Barseghyan.

Agriculture, especially vine-growing, fruit-growing and vegetable-growing is most damaged by hail. Research shows that nearly 4-5 percent of the agricultural products grown in Armenia are destroyed as a result of hail, which is estimated for nearly 16-20 BN AMD annually. Seven out of Armenia’s 10 regions are situated in hail-vulnerable zones.

One square meter of the network for vineyards costs 182 AMD, and the networks for other orchards cost 227 AMD. The hail-protecting network protects the trees and grapevines for nearly 100 percent from the negative effects of hail and wind, as well as birds and big bugs and insects in the period of blooming and maturation.

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